metronomy at manning bar 05.01.12

In support of their latest, the Mercury Prize nominated English Riviera, Metronomy delighted the Sydney crowd last night, who were much relaxed despite the delay with door opening times. Opening with We Broke Free, the seagull sounds kept with the warm-summery theme evoked by the album.

The electronic Love Underlined was well complemented by the band’s light show, everyone on stage equipped with a push-light, synced to the bass drum to great effect. She Wants was well received with applause from the crowd, followed by lead singer Joseph Mount then asking how many people in the crowd were really named Corrine. Around five hands were raised, to which Mount jokingly responded with, ‘we’ll see how many are left standing after this song’.

This was in addition to the thoroughly entertaining idiosyncrasies of Oscar Cash, who efficaciously worked the keyboard and saxaphone, and at one point the acoustic guitar, to which lead singer Joseph Mount motioned the crowd to ‘boo’ at, because it made them look like twats. They powered through each song, with precise and crisp notes complemented by bassist Gbenga Adelekan, formerly of Lightspeed Champion, along with drummer Anna Prior. The crowd stayed upbeat, singing and dancing along energetically to jams including You Could Easily Have Me as well as The Look.

Launching into Everything Goes My Way, featuring drummer Anna Prior, it was great to see collaboration between the musicians, and clearly that this wasn’t a one-man effort, as with previous incarnations of Metronomy. They closed out the main set with Some Written, where Mount introduced the rest of the band.

After a short break, Metronomy played an encore consisting of an infectiously good live rendition of On Dancefloors then finished with Radio Ladio that was bound to resonate with concert-goers for the rest of the evening.

We Broke Free
Love Underlined
Back on the Motorway
She Wants
You Could Easily Have Me
The End of You Too
The Bay
The Look
A Thing for Me
Everything Goes My Way
Some Written

On Dancefloors
Radio Ladio

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