laura marling at opera house 09.02.12

After seeing her at Laneway over the weekend, I simply couldn’t pass off another opportunity to witness the talent that is Laura Marling. Tonight at the Opera House, she played two entire sets with no support act, with the former being her latest album, A Creature I Don’t Know in its entirety. Backed by a band made up of drums, double-bass, banjo, a cello and keyboards noticeably different from the more folk-oriented album, they accentuated the impeccability of the songs as well as Laura’s flawless vocals from the heartfelt I Was Just a Card (which Laura mentioned was actually written whilst in Australia during her last tour), to a fierce version of The Beast. Sophia was met with the loudest applause, as well as the more upbeat All My Rage, where she sang, I’d leave my rage to the sea and the sun.

Following a short interval, Laura and her band were back again to play what were clearly crowd favourites including Ghosts and My Manic and I. She and the band were clearly enjoying themselves, and happy to be playing in one of the most beautiful live venues in the world, Laura treating everyone to some very amusing banter including interesting facts shared throughout the evening, for instance: that the inspiration for the song Alas I Cannot Swim came from an Iranian poem, or that the Queen is a frequent drinker of alcohol and also possesses a driving licence. When the band were introduced, the crowd was lucky enough to be further entertained by several doses of British humour. Sound wise, the acoustics in the Opera House enabled the dynamics to be very distinct throughout the entire set, especially during one of my highlights, Alpha Shallows. Laura also debuted an epic Andalucian-styled song for ‘pure self indulgence’ and purposes of ‘living life on the edge’ which was a real pleasure to hear.

For those who’ve not seen Laura Marling before, she explained that they didn’t do encores, as they think it should be something spontaneous (as do I), finishing off with the title track from the second album, I Speak Because I Can, and modestly and humbly left the stage to a standing ovation from a full house at the Opera House. For a country all the way in the Southern Hemisphere, Laura Marling tours very frequently, and I really hope it stays that way.


The Muse
I Was Just a Card
Don’t Ask Me Why
The Beast
Night After Night
My Friends
Rest in the Bed
All My Rage


My Manic and I
Alas I Cannot Swim
New Song (unknown title)
Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
What He Wrote
Rambling Man
Alpha Shallows
Made by Maid
I Speak Because I Can

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2 thoughts on “laura marling at opera house 09.02.12

  1. Luke says:

    It was a brilliant show. I only disliked that it wasn’t as intimate as her previous shows, owing to the larger venue. I would’ve given anything to have gone to the church gig the night before.

    If you’re interested a torrent has been uploaded at of a recording of the entire show. There’s a sample of the recording at (Sophia) and at (unreleased song).

    • I always like a good quality bootleg. Cheers, and keep it up!

      p.s. I thought I submitted a pretty good album name for the Triple J competition as well, and since there was no other way to get tickets, I was pretty disappointed not to hear back from them.

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