Muse – The 2nd Law

Muse have been, and will always be one of my favourite bands. Their appeal lies within a number of things, lead singer Matt Bellamy’s vocals, which work so well with the electric guitars, their outer space-related themes (I’ve always been a bit of a physics-nerd), or just simply their worthy of mention guitar riffs that set them aside from other British Rock bands. As of late, they’ve thrown most, if not all of this, out the door, especially with the release of their later albums, The Resistance and more recently, The Second Law. They’ve begun to tackle more ambitious themes of political domination, war and revolution, contrasting their more introspective earlier work.

The title of the album is based on The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is referenced in the two part climax and alludes to destruction and disorder, exactly what the album is centred around. It is a wild pastiche, with echoes of Queen, especially in their hit, Madness, David Bowie and more contemporary dub-step electronica throughout. Their fan following (which has never been modest), has grown exponentially, following the success of the Twilight franchise, and now the Olympics, with the song Survival. Arguably, it is this same massive fan base which can be deemed responsible for the band’s ambitious attempt to encapsulate too many of their exorbitant ideas in one go.  Save Me and Liquid State are a pleasant surprise with bassistChris Worstenholme stepping up to the microphone, but further more add to the lack of orientation in the album. An overall disappointing effort, despite its promising construction, in practice, it lacks coherence.

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