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sigur rós – brennisteinn

Anything new from sigur ros incites so much excitement for me. and this time it was no different. I was intrigued by brennisteinn (or brimstone in english) from when I first heard it late last year on their valtari tour. the heavy drums, and the return of the bowed guitar, in sharp contrast with jonsi’s celestial falsetto. The music video is just as astonishing. an metaphor for industrialism, the toxic yellow carving its relentless path of destruction through the darkness.

Kveikur is released on June 18. can’t wait.

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garbage @ the event centre, sydney 06.03.2013



Push It
Metal Heart
Blood For Poppies
Why Do You Love Me
#1 Crush
I Think I’m Paranoid
I Hate Love
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Cherry Lips
Man on a Wire
Stupid Girl
Cup of Coffee
Only Happy When it Rains
Beloved Freak

Automatic System Habit
When I Grow Up
You Look So Fine


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a perfect circle @ soundwave festival, sydney olympic park 24.02.2013

In what I felt was an arguably different vein from the rest of the bill, A Perfect Circle was probably the reason I went to Soundwave festival.

Most of the crowd at the front of the pit appeared to be staking out for a good spot to see Metallica a couple of hours later and seemed disappointed that their music was less mosh-able, in relative terms compared to Stone Sour who was last on this stage. 

Perhaps it was the crowd not being used to having the lead singer stand towards the back of the stage, almost removing any engagement with the audience. But having seen Maynard perform before, I knew what to expect, and seeing A Perfect Circle for the first time, I couldn’t care less. They were musically sound, and held their own as a headline act in the massive ANZ stadium despite a less than enthusiastic audience.

Weak and Powerless
The Hollow
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
By and Down
The Package
The Noose
When the Levee Breaks
The Outsider


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cat power @ enmore theatre 02.03.2013

the greatest.


The Greatest
Silent Machine
Human Being
King Rides By
Angelitos Negros (Pedro Infante)
Always on my Own
3, 6, 9
Nothin’ But Time
I Don’t Blame You
Peace and Love

IMG_9336 Untitled-2


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