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crystal castles @ the hi-fi 17.01.2013

Tonight being the third time I was seeing Crystal Castles, I had a much better idea of what to expect from their live performance. And being the first time I was seeing them in an indoor venue like The Hi-Fi where the sound didn’t just dissipate into the atmosphere, it was perfect. From watching Alice Glass, the mysterious lead singer innately diving into the crowd more than a few times, to the convulsing sequence of lights, the experience was visceral. For me, it was difficult to pin down a specific highlight, as the energy sustained for the entirety of their 90 minute set with praise for their live drummer. Ethan Kath looked in his element as he head banged whilst operating various keyboards and synths. Wrath of God from the latest album, and Doe Deer were intense – but even more surprising was how engaging songs like Telepath, Reckless, and especially Intimate during the encore were. The 1500 or so people present had been caught in a trance by two elusive figures whom which most people don’t even know their real names, for an inexplicable mindfucking (for lack of a better word).


Wrath of God
Doe Deer
Alice Practice
Vanished (Remix)
Black Panther
Not in Love

Sad Eyes
Yes No




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on crystal castles

by: http://last.fm/user/Kewbs

“Alice and Ethan are quite an enigma
together. The band doesn’t do any interviews, they arrive and leave straight
away (most of the time), and don’t associate with many others. On stage it kind
of shows – the distorted vocals of certain songs with the other microphone; the
point is you aren’t meant to ~really~ understand what she’s saying I suppose…
(although I do since I’m a freak that knows all the lyrics). Then of course
there’s the normal microphone where you hear her wailing banshee screams in
songs such as Baptism, Alice Practice and the Reckless/Through The Hosiery
She even spoke/speaks into the distorted microphone saying “I love you”, “I want
you”, etc.. it’s kind of mesmerising for some.. but weird and strange for
others. At Falls she was saying “Happy New Year” + “Hello Falls Festival”, and
Field Day she was saying “I love you Sydney” freakishly whilst staring out into
the crowd. In earlier years she used to speak to the crowd normally, but going
deeper into the hype of the band and her persona she’s more ‘mysterious’
nowadays (heck, Alice isn’t even her real name!).
To me it’s all quite hypnotic.. and it’s really just meant to send people on an
electrifying chaotic trip each time. You either love it or you don’t!

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