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my brightest diamond @ sydney opera house 27.05.2012

Following her success with Australian audiences at the 2010 edition of Vivid, Shara Worden took to the stage with her long-time drummer, backed by what was billed as a string ensemble, but in fact, was a mini-orchestra, with woodwind and the all-important brass trumpets, bringing to life, her latest album All Things Will Unwind. 

Dressed in a costume consistent with the theme of the album, and slightly reminiscent of a children’s tv show presenter (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course), complete with coloured wool balls (see below), she emerged with a large bunch of orange helium filled balloons, breaking into the opening song off her latest We Added It Up. The ensemble did a great job backing Shara’s heavenly voice, especially the brass and woodwind. The heartfelt Escape Routes, Shara explained, was written the last time she was on tour was inspired by a conversation she had with Laurie Anderson. The assistance of certain props, including a bob-the-builder-esque hard hat (filled with ‘snow’), a porcelain mask which was used for the transformation to Be Brave, and numerous loose balloons helped sustain the audience’s imagination as she performed songs from her latest album. She was clearly enjoying herself, jiggling around in between songs, and playfully exchanging words with the musicians on stage. At a point, she even attempted an Australian accent, which was quite amusing because it was more than likely that no one in the audience would speak with such a twang. 

Everything Is In Line was definitely one of the highlights from the new album, which segued smoothly into Apples. Picking up her electric guitar, old favourites, Workhorse, Dragonfly and Inside a Boy were met with applause and recognition by the audience, as was the My Brightest Diamond version of Tainted Love. Following a short break, the night was concluded with an encore of  I Have Never Loved Someone, completing a short but sweet evening.


We Added It Up
Reaching Out to the Other Side
Escape Routes
Be Brave
She Does Not Brave the War
Everything Is in Line
High Low Middle
Inside a Boy
Tainted Love

I Have Never Loved Someone


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